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Top Flight Archery Bowstrings

Top Fight Bowstrings are custom made with BCY X99 or 452X. End loops are served with Halo.007 for best look and longevity. All End Serving is completed with .014 Halo served tightly to eliminate separation.

Buss Cables are served lower for longer loops to reduce stress and improve aesthetics. Top Flight has been building strings for nearly 10 years and we make it our goal to provide archers with the quality of strings that we would want for our own bows.

Not only will the highest quality set improve the performance of your bow, but it will also instill more confidence in your shooting and be one less stress while in the backcountry and on the course.

Quality Attributes

  • Highest Quality Materials

  • Good Arrow Speed

  • Pre-Stretched

  • Served under Constant Tension

  • Zero Peep Rotation

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Every set is Custom Built to order.

  • Computer Specked

  • Twice Quality Inspected

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Manufacture Warranty


All Our strings are pre-streched to promote stability and served under constant tension eliminating serving separation.

We guarantee our strings for stability and serving integrity!

  •  BCY X99

80% SK99 Dyneema

20% Vectran

  •  End serving:

BCY Halo


  • Center serving:

BCY Powergrip

or 62XS

  • Speed Noks included

at no extra charge.

  • Colored Speed Sleeves

  • Halo Loop Serving 


Practice Patience Precision

Top Flight Archery is here to help you achieve Precision.
Let us build you a set of custom bow strings, and with practice and patience, you will achieve precision.

The Choice is Yours



We are a family owned and operated business that recently relocated back to Southern Idaho from Northern New Mexico. We became passionate about bowhunting and competitive archery about 20 years ago and struggled finding quality strings.

It is our goal to provide archers with the best service and Bowstrings in the industry.

Joshua 24:2


 We strive to improve our processes and

 know that the quality of a product can make or break someones experience with archery. All archers, from beginners to professional, deserve the best equipment possible. Every one of our strings and cables goes through extensive quality checks to ensure dimensional accuracy to within .03 of an inch.

We stand behind out product and guarantee our bowstrings for 12 months against string creep, peep rotation and serving separation.

Top Flight Archery Bowstring

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Business hours are (8-5) Mon-Friday

We will respond as soon as possible.



Tel: 505.470.5886

Located in Southern Idaho

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