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Top Fight Bowstrings are custom made with BCY X99 or 452X. End loops are served with Halo.007 for best look and longevity. All End Serving is completed with .014 Halo served tightly to eliminate separation.

Buss Cable Loops are served lower for longer loops; also reducing stress and improving aesthetics. Top Flight has been building strings for nearly 10 years and we make it our goal to provide archers with the quality of strings that we would want for our own bows.

Not only will the highest quality set improve the performance of your bow, but it will also instill more confidence in your shooting and be one less stress while in the backcountry and on the course.

All Our strings are pre-streched to promote stability and served under constant tension eliminating serving separation.

We guarantee our strings for stability and serving integrity!

Single Color, Two Color and PinStripe sets are all made with BCY Halo end serving and PowerGrip or 62XS for center serving.

Bowstring Options

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