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  • How do I find or measure my bowstring length?
    Often, but not always, the string length can be found on your bows lower or upper limb. It's a good practice with Hoyt bows to verify that the string and cable lengths match the cam#. Also, your bows string and cable lengths can be found on the Manufactures website: usually under "Support" and "Downloads" Their spec length is measured at 100lbs of tension, so measuring them with a tape measure may get you close, but will be slightly off. As is always the case, the more information you supply with the order, the better.
  • What wax should I use on my bowstring and how often should I apply it?
    Bowstring wax is a beautiful thing and works wonders in maintaining your bow string. Scorpion Venom brand wax is cheap and one of the best waxes out there. It should be applied when your string is starting to look dry or at least once a week if you shoot every day. You don’t want to over-wax a string; just enough to keep the fibers well lubricated and protected from dirt and moisture.
  • Why is it a bad idea to use Florescent or light colored serving over a darker string?
    The dark string material can bleed into the serving. This can cause color alteration and semi-translucent colors in some cases, making the bowstring's served area look muddy.
  • How often should I replace my Bowstring?
    There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to replacing bowstrings. It largely depends on how much you shoot and cam design. Your string’s appearance is certainly an important indicator, too. If the strings look ultra fuzzy, frayed, or dry and brittle, then it’s probably time to swap them out for a new set. Overall, taking care of your bow string can help you keep it for a longer time. Make sure that you replace it if it has strands breaking or fading serving.
  • What are your lead times on a set of Bowstrings?
    Typically, our build lead times are less then a week. Although, during peak season they can be up to two weeks. Also give 3-5 days for shipping.
  • Are Top Flight Bowstrings per-stretched?
    Yes, to remove all creep and increase stability our Bowstrings and Cables are stretched for a preset time; they are also under tension while being served. So basically they are under tension throughout the entire build process which eliminates creep or movement after being installed.
  • Do Top Flight Archery Bowstrings come with a Warranty?
    Yes, absolutely. Top Flight bowstrings are some of the best you can buy and we guarantee their performance, by insuring they will have no peep rotation, elongation or serving separation for up to 1 year of purchase.
  • Will Top Flight Bowstrings increase the speed of my bow?
    Its not a guarantee but is often times the case. We routinely notice a 2-4fps gain with our strings over factory strings. Our Bowstrings come free of charge with speed nocks or buttons in factory locations, covered with TFA colored speed sleeves.
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